Thursday, 21 January 2010

Region. Help for Haiti

Castle Hill-based company, Amway, will donate $US100,000 for Haiti relief efforts. It will be given to the American Red Cross and the SOS Children’s Villages to aid in relief efforts. “We will also match donations from staff and Amway business owners,” said Amway Australia GM, Michial Coldwell. Northern district Rotary clubs are uniting to provide life-saving ShelterBoxes to earthquake victims. The kits, which cost $1200 each, contain a tent, blankets, water purification and cooking equipment, basic tools and other items to support 10 people in the short term. “In the past three months, clubs in our Rotary district have purchased 43 ShelterBoxes to be ready to support such a tragedy as this,” said Rotary’s Peter Smith. Liverpool City Council will vote, on February 15, on a motion calling on them to provide financial assistance.



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