Monday, 22 February 2010

Region. Express rail service to Sydney CBD

The Premier’s Plan – the Metropolitan Transport Plan: Connecting the City of Cities – includes: the $4.5 billion Western Express CityRail Service – a separate dedicated rail track to slash travelling times from the region to the city, achieving faster and more frequent services, with a goal of up to 50 per cent more services and 17 per cent more passengers on the CityRail network, on an average weekday. Also, a five-kilometre tunnel from Eveleigh, near Redfern, to Wynyard, would allow the express services a faster run in to the city. Travelling time improvement to Wynard: Springwood 17 minutes, Richmond 15 minutes, Penrith 9 minutes and Parramatta 6 minutes The express service would not begin construction until 2015. No one in the government could say when it would be completed.



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