Monday, 15 February 2010

Region. Ron Christie's transport plan

Sydney’s transport plan, prepared by Ron Christie and an independent expert team with the backing of The Sydney Morning, has urged an immediate start on two heavy rail lines: a $3.7 billion line, linking Epping station and Rouse Hill in the north-west; and a $1.3 billion line joining Glenfield station to Leppington in the south-west. Other lines include a $2 billion rail line from Epping to Parramatta via Carlingford, beginning in 2013; a $2 billion heavy rail line directly connecting Bankstown and Liverpool, beginning around 2017; and light rail lines, costed at about $600 million, based around the key centres of Parramatta, Bankstown, Lidcombe and Liverpool.



Anonymous David Hunt said...

For the sake of us all, let's hope the Keneally Labor Government will reassess the dilemma over the expensive CBD Metro. The CBD Metro is just not worth it. For anyone. Let's solve our problems in Sydney without adding to them. As someone working for one of the businnesses that will be destroyed by the CBD Metro, I wait with nail biting time until the Premiers announcement next week. The businesses also wait in Pyrmont and the public also waits. Also will the public still have to bail out the Sydney City Council, owners of the Woolworths Building in Park Street to the tune of 500 million?

David Hunt

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Blogger Paxford said...

Report is at


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