Friday, 19 March 2010

Region. Local food production at risk

The Sydney Basin is an important location for food production, the economy and employment. The basin’s agriculture includes market gardens, poultry, orchards, cut flowers, mushrooms, turf and nurseries worth around $1 billion, representing up to 12 per cent of the NSW total agricultural production. Some 1000 vegetable farms produce 43 per cent of NSW vegetable production, by value, according to the ABS. When the growth centres and other greenfields lands are transferred to urban uses, the NSW Department of Agriculture surveys show that 52 per cent of the basin’s remaining vegetable farms will be eliminated, according to UWS Urban Research Centre report The recently released Metropolitan Strategy Review document acknowledges the sector’s importance and the departments of planning, industry and investment – primary industry are working closely with councils on Sydney’s fringe to identify significant agricultural lands and develop policies for their ongoing viability in the face of urban development pressure.



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