Thursday, 15 April 2010

Penrith. Council wins $5 million funding

Penrith City Council has secured a $5 million funding grant from the federal government to build the new $5 million Howell Oval pavilion and improvements to CUA Stadium. The funding includes $1.8 million for the upgrades to the stadium to be carried out by Panthers and $3.2 million for the construction of the new Howell Oval pavilion, which will be put to tender. The Penrith Business Alliance (PBA) has estimated the investment would result in a total of 33 new jobs in the local economy, of which18 would be created directly in construction, with a further nine jobs created indirectly across local industries. The remaining six jobs would occur as a result of local household spending stimulated by the investment, the PBA said. Its analysis showed the funding application would generate $2.1 million of wages and salaries accruing to Penrith households.

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