Monday, 7 June 2010

Region. Upgrading of public housing estates

Public housing residents in suburbs across Sydney will be told their estates have been earmarked for redevelopment under a plan that will receive $43 million in federal funding. Claymore will receive $12.96 million to redevelop vacant land, build roads and other infrastructure needed to create a mixed community that is attractive to private home buyers. Of 1280 new homes and 774 vacant lots that will eventually be offered for sale, 380 will be sold at a discount to attract new residents to the area. More than 100 public housing homes on the estate will be sold, with 384 retained. NSW Housing aims to repeat projects already under way in Bonnyrigg and Minto The NSW government aims to have no more than 30 per cent public housing on any of the estates. A small public housing estate of 70 homes in Chester Hill will swell to 700 mostly private dwellings because of its proximity to the railway network.



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