Monday, 26 July 2010

Penrith. Shaping a vision for Penrith

Penrith City Councill has announced a creative partnership that will see a French art collective re-imagine Penrith as a modern and sustainable city. Museum of Contemporary Art director, Elizabeth Ann Macgregor, said artists like Campement Urbain founder Sylvie Blocher, who visited Penrith in February, challenged the city’s status quo. Bolstered by Blocher’s work, the project will guide the council in shaping its vision of a progressive, innovatively designed urban centre. Mayor Kevin Crameri said he was “intrigued” about the project’s possibilities. The Future of Penrith/Penrith of the Future project is a collaboration between the council, Campement Urbain, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Panthers, Penrith Performing and Visual Arts, C3West and Landcom.



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