Thursday, 13 January 2011

Epping. Opposition to $500 million project

An environmental assessment of the first stage of the Meriton Apartments $500 million development, on the old Channel 7 site, at Epping, revealed the 90,000 square-metre site would have 650 dwellings, a childcare centre, 1032 parking spaces and generate 3550 vehicle movements a day. However, Meriton has already applied to increase the number of dwellings to 800, infuriating the locals. More than 200 written submissions blasting the developer have been filed online. Parramatta City Council has serious concerns about the project. "The development fails to comply with local planning guidelines and lacks critical supporting infrastructure, such as open spaces, roads and carparking options," said Parramatta Lord Mayor, John Chedid.



Anonymous wishing well hire sydney said...

A $500 Million project will create an emormous amount of jobs. We need more jobs to support the post GFC recovery. I think obstructionist politics should take a back seat until the economy recovers.

9:53 am  

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