Friday, 11 March 2011

North Ryde. Professor wins an award

Macquarie University vice-cancellor, Professor Steven Schwartz, has received the Market Personality of the Year award, part of Insto's Distinction Awards, in recognition of his role in the university's innovative 2010 bond issue. Macquarie's $250 million 10-year bond was issued as part of a $450 million financing in the bank and bond markets. The aim of the university's refinancing was to underpin the continued implementation of its strategic campus development program, particularly the investment in research facilities and infrastructure. These projects include the Macquarie University Hospital, Australia's most technologically advanced hospital, and the co-located Australian School of Advanced Medicine; the global headquarters of Cochlear Ltd; and the Australian Hearing Hub, a collaborative, world-class facility purpose-designed to understand hearing and related speech and language disorders



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