Monday, 19 December 2011

Parramatta. 'Obvious location is Parramatta'

Below is a letter, by Bruce Hyland, Daleys Point, in the Weekend Edition, of The Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 17-18.

Michael Fox’s suggestion that the main auditorium at the Opera House should be upgraded “to a state-of-the-art” multi-purpose space as originally envisaged by Joern Utzon Letters, Dec 16) fails to grasp that such a concept was and always will be fundamentally inappropriate.

If we are to have a proper theatre that can accommodate opera and lrge-scale popular music productions, it will have to be built from scratch, and the obvious location is Parramatta.
Here is an opportunity for the state government to take a bold decision to establish the nucleus of a new arts complex at the geographical centre of Sydney.

It will mean a long overdue upheaval in the attitude of eastern suburbs patrons of the arts and possibly, some rethinking of public transportation links to the north shore, but the long-range benefits are potentially immense.