Thursday, 10 May 2012

Parramatta. 'Re-Thinking Sydney'

Parramatta Lord Mayor, Lorraine Wearne, said council’s second economic development forum, ‘R-thinking Sydney’, will facilitating ideas and change, and taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in Western Sydney.

“The simple fact is that by 2036 half of Sydney’s six million population will reside in the west. This means that nearly three million people will require access to employment opportunities, education facilities and social, cultural and lifestyle options close to their homes,” she said.

“We need to make the important decisions now - we can’t continue to look towards the Sydney CBD as the sole answer. Instead let’s get on with the job of building cities, better links to our growth areas, infill housing, and encouraging business and cultural investment in Sydney’s west.

Parramatta is the centre of our nation’s most significant economic region and is the place to do business and seize opportunities for growth, so we must be the starting point. Let’s bring a more balanced approach to how we plan for our city and promote the understanding that a new Sydney has emerged – Western Sydney.”

The forum will be held on May 16, at the Sydney Opera House, involving influential leaders in business, planning, education, politics, tourism and sport. The event can be watched live on council’s website and follow #rethinksydney to join the conversation on Twitter.



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