Friday, 8 June 2012

Parramatta. Restaurants fight ban

Nine restaurants are fighting a Parramatta City Council ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas in the Land and Environment Court. The group is under the umbrella of the Parramatta Business Freedom Association argues the council did not have the authority to impose the ban. All nine restaurants were exempted from the May 1 ban on smoking in Parramatta Council-owned or controlled alfresco dining areas. Armani Restaurant, where water pipe tobacco can be smoked in a Middle Eastern-style outdoor tent, has launched a related Supreme Court challenge that is now being heard in the Land and Environment Court.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red - this is a huge issue, and as a local resident it appears that there is significant oversight of key issues by the PBFA.

The organisation is set to choose between two groups of patrons - smokers and non smokers, and one venue in particular (Armani) has no issue in taking this choice to be 'ethnic' vs 'non ethnic' customers also. Management stated to a group including myself out the front of the venue last week that they would fight the ban in the interests of their 'preferred customers'. On being questioned as to impacts on business in Parramatta generally (as in the damage smokers were doing to other traders) - one smart mouthed waiter (who management need to get in check) had a fairly nasty and personal response for our group.

I dare say that the unofficial 'Parramatta CONSUMERS & DECENT Businesses Freedom Association' will be making our presence felt in whatever community forums are most appropriate to see the ban upheld, and certainly by no longer partronising Armani or similar establishments.

Unfortunately for the good restauranteurs and businesses in the area, if this ban is overturned, they will lose a susbtantial amount of business. The only difference being, that we will not be heading to Merrylands or Auburn as an alternates - but out of the region altogether.

Armani as a business should be ashamed. They are promoting an undesired behaviour and an undesired group of people.

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