Thursday, 27 September 2012

Parramatta. Proposed commercial tower

Parramatta City Council is exhibiting a planning proposal for land at 220 & 222 Church Street and 48 Macquarie Street, in the Parramatta CBD, relating to the development of a commercial tower on the Macquarie Street frontage. The planning proposal is a proposed amendment to the Parramatta City Centre LEP 2007 and seeks to re-distribute and increase the maximum allowable floor space ratio to the Macquarie Street frontage. The planning proposal also seeks to rezone the land fronting Macquarie Street from B4 Mixed Use to B3 Commercial Core. The aim is to ‘unlock’ the site and enable retail and commercial development commensurate with the stature of Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD. Current improvements to the irregular ‘L’ shape, 3684.4 square metre site include: the Greenway Plaza, (222 Church Street); a two-storey retail and commercial brick building (220 Church Street); and a three storey brick mixed use building (48 Macquarie Street).