Friday, 2 August 2013

Firm Champions fresh food in the CBD

A number of staff – The Eddies – at a prominent legal firm in Parramatta, Champion Legal, is working to help provide staff with a healthy and active workplace and to encourage healthier eating habits.
They are accomplishing this through the establishment of a vegetable garden on a balcony of their Phillip Street building.
The Eddies participated in an event at the Sydney Opera House, TEDxSydney 2013, which partnered with Grow it Local in a unique crowd-sourced food initiative called Crowd Farming to provide food for a lunchtime feast for the 2200 attendees.
In the lead up to the event, The Eddies harvested chilli, mini lemons, basil, parsley, sage, oregano and endive from the terrace garden overlooking the Parramatta River.
“Our recently installed garden is phase one of our plan to have fresh ingredients available for our staff and guests to consume on a daily basis,” the company said.
“Champion Legal recognises that sustainable produce is becoming increasingly important to the way we eat.” 
The company offer seasonal email updates about the garden including recipes and comments from its guest chefs.


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