Monday, 10 March 2014

CBD a 'very healthy town centre'

 The suburb of Parramatta, which includes the CBD, has the best public transport and connectivity, the most effective mix of building types and the highest potential for urban renewal out of a sample of 20 Sydney metropolitan suburbs.

This is a finding in a report, Building Up, released by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) NSW.

The UDIA NSW Urban Renewal Committee – which consists of 27 of the state’s leading planners, urban designers, architects, engineers and developers –  sampled 20 locations ranging from regional centres to neighbourhood centres.   

UDIA NSW CEO, Stephen Albin, said when measured against the criteria in the report, Parramatta is in the ‘very healthy town centre’ category with 135 points out of a possible 170.

“Parramatta is the stand-out leader out of the centres that were sampled with major public transport interchanges, close vicinity to major arterial roads and vibrant retail opportunities,” he said.

“Positively, the main town also includes a high amount of open space, the layout of the city is considered very walkable for pedestrians and the district also features a good mix of residential, commercial, retail and civic land use.

“Parramatta offers a prime example of strategic planning. It’s a city that is really coming into its own.”

The criteria where Parramatta took an average score included car parking, property prices and ease of urban development (in reference to planning controls and charges). 

“Parramatta offers a prime example of strategic planning and we’re delighted this is being recognised,” said Parramatta Lord Mayor, John Chedid (see following story).  
The second ‘healthiest’ suburb in the study sample is Burwood at 125, followed equally by Pyrmont and Hurstville at 115.

Padstow, Newington and Rosehill, the latter a suburb within the Parramatta local government area, are all deemed ‘unhealthy town centres’ with 65 points.  

The results for others suburbs surveyed in Western Sydney were: Seven Hills, 110 points, Epping, 100, Wentworth Point, 90, Granville, 85 and Sydney Olympic Park, 80.   


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