Thursday, 17 December 2009

Region. Major projects approved

The Department of Planning’s latest e-newsletter states the following major projects, were approved, in Western Sydney, in October: the $150 million Dexus Estate Industrial Park, at Greystanes, which will support 2000 workers and 800 construction jobs; the Light Horse Waste Facility, at Eastern Creek, which will rehabilitate the currently disused quarry and include a recycling facility and non-putrescible landfill; duplication of the rail line between Vineyard and Quakers Hill, as well as new and renovated rail stations, which will improve the capacity of the line and service reliability in the North West Growth Centre; and a $13 million warehousing facility, at Erskine Park, which will consolidate the growing economic role of the Western Sydney Employment Area. Construction has begun at the $500 million Gregory Hills development in the South West Growth Centre, to deliver 2400 new homes and employment lands to support around 2500 new jobs. Also, a draft precinct plan for the 551-hectare Marsden Park Industrial Precinct, with the capacity for some 10,000 jobs, is now on public exhibition.



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