Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bankstown. Boeing to close factory

Boeing will close its Bankstown factory, in 2012, and consolidate production at its Fishermans Bend, Melbourne plant. Most of the 350 staff affected will be offered jobs in Melbourne, but redundancies are expected as a result of the decision. The consolidation has been driven by the exit of loss-making third-party work and under-utilisation of both the Fishermans Bend and Bankstown sites. “Each facility is at about half capacity and it makes no business sense to carry duplicate overheads,” said Mark Ross, MD, of Boeing Aerostructures Australia. Components produced at Bankstown, including 777 rudders, elevators and cove lip doors, 747-8 wing leading edge, 737 ailerons, C-130 flaps, Bombardier CH300 tail cone, and Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile fins will transition to Fishermans Bend over the next 30 months.



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