Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Penrith. Projects to boost employment

The Penrith Business Alliance has announced a number of projects to attract new investment and job growth over the next 5-10 years: a) the Penrith Health and Wellbeing industry to become a major driver of local jobs, b) major commercial office developments moved forward in the Penrith CBD, and c) a project that will focus on some of Penrith’s strongest local industries, such as, manufacturing and business services. “All these initiatives will all be part of the new economic corridor for Penrith that will become the focus of all job generating investment that is required for Penrith to reach its regional city potential by 2031,” said Paul Brennan, PBA chairman. The Department of Transport’s Transport Data Centre released figures in December 2009 showing the Penrith CBD working population was forecast to increase from 14,024 to 21,120, up by 51 per cent, by 2036. The Department of Planning’s North West Subregion Strategy (2007) set a capacity target for the centre at 30,000 by 2013



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