Friday, 16 April 2010

Campbelltown. Opposition to 'Texas oilfield'

AGL wants to expand its Camden gas project by building 12 gas extraction wells to collect coal-seam methane, five of which will be in the Campbelltown local government area. The wells will feed gas via underground pipes to an extraction plant located in the hills on the border of the two municipalities. The plant will include a compressor and a device to allow flaring of excess gas and a large evaporation pond. AGL said the plant's proposed site was ideal because of existing infrastructure While the Campbelltown City Council unanimously opposes the plan, it is being considered by the NSW Department of Planning as a project of state significance, which means the council's opposition can be ignored. ''My concern is that I don't want my Scenic Hills turning into a Texas oilfield,'' the Labor mayor, Aaron Rule, said.



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