Thursday, 8 April 2010

Parramatta. Population increases.

Department of Planning (DOP) statistics show the inner Parramatta statistical area (SLA), including the CBD, to be fastest growing area in the city, with a population increasing from 42,400 in 2006 to a projected 64,100 people, up 51.2 per cent, in the 30-year period, 2006-2036. With regard to the CBD, Parramatta City Council, in its Integrated Transport Plan for the Parramatta City Centre, has estimated the CBD population to be 7000, in 2009, with the planned growth to 20,000, by 2031, up some 186 per cent. The DOP’s projection for Parramatta’s north-east SLA is an increase from 43,800 to 57,900, up 32.2 per cent, in the 2006-2036 period. For the north-west SLA, the projection is an increase from 35,000 to 41,500, up 18.6 per cent, and an increase from 32,800 to 37,900 people, up 15.5 per cent, in the south SLA, over the same 30-year period.



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