Monday, 12 April 2010

Region. RDA Sydney yet to go online

Maxine McKew, Parliamentary Secretary for infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, told a workshop of local government GMs and officers, in Penrith, that Regional Development Australia (RDA) was a network of 55 committees established to engage with local communities to grow and strengthen Australia’s regions. RDA committees were contributing to regional planning by developing their own “regional roadmaps”, she said. The RDA website notes 14 RDAs were set up NSW last year, five of which, including RDA Sydney (including Western Sydney), have yet to set up websites publicising their role and activities. Membership of RDA Sydney includes: Alan Pendleton, chair, Roy Medich, deputy chair, and members Carole Maher, Lesley McMahon,, Dr Mano Nugapitiya, Frank Oliveri, Professor Phillip O’Neill, Fr Chris Riley Committee, Aaron Rule, Josefa Sobzski, Marcus Testoni and Mary Waterford. RDA Sydney will host the 2010 Western Sydney Manufacturing Leaders Forum, at Sydney Olympic Park, on May 3.



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