Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Region. Barriers to upskilling

Uncertainty about the future was identified as one of many barriers to upskilling employees to take advantage of “emerging technologies”, Gail Silman, NSW Education and Training Adviser, Australian Industry Group, told 300 guests at the Western Sydney Manufacturing Leaders Forum, the highlight event of NSW Manufacturing Week 2010. She said a study reinforced the organisations’s view that the training needs of the manufacturing sector could no longer be overlooked, if Australia was to truly benefit from the outstanding technical advances being made. ”Emerging technologies” are regarded as cutting-edge developments in technology. Other speaker at the function were David Pettigrew, Manager, Strategy and Business Development, QMI Solutions Ltd; Dr Dilip Manuel, Business Development Manager, CSIRO, Future Manufacturing Flagship; and Patrick Medley, Managing Partner, Global Consumer Products Industry, IBM Global Business Services. RDA Sydney hosted the event.



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