Monday, 10 May 2010

Region. Employment up in three regional cities

Reports have noted that Western Sydney, compared to Sydney as a whole, is underrepresented in the finance and insurance (FI) sector, and the professional, scientific and technical services (PST) sector. The latest forecasts by the Transport Data Centre show the variation in employment forecasts, in these sectors, in the 30-year period, 2006-2036.period, in the three regional cities. Parramatta: FI up 47.7 per cent to 14,258; PST up 32.5 per cent to 7742. Penrith: FI, down 14.5 per cent to 911; PST up 24.1 per cent to 2886. Liverpool: FI up 38.6 per cent to 1360; PST up 40.6 per cent to 2899.



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