Friday, 9 July 2010

Region. UWS staff recognised

UWS staff members have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to student learning in this year's national Australian Learning and Teaching Council Awards. Australian and Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) citations were awarded to 10 staff this year, which represents the highest number of citations UWS has received in the five-year history of the awards. The staff, at a range of campuses are: Dr Satomi Kawaguchi, School of Humanities and Languages, Bankstown; Dr Catherine Camden-Pratt, School of Education, Penrith; Dr Leanne Rylands, School of Computing and Mathematics, Penrith; Dr Adrian Renshaw, School of Natural Sciences, Hawkesbury; Dr Katrina Barker, School of Education, Bankstown; Dr Roumen Dimitrov, School of Communication Arts, Penrith; Dr Fernanda Duarte, School of Management, Parramatta,; Dr Mark Williams, School of Natural Sciences, Hawkesbury; Dr Sharon Andrew, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Campbelltown; and Dr Margaret Clarke, School of Medicine, Campbelltown.



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