Monday, 21 February 2011

Blacktown. Council says no to inquiry

The Labor-controlled Blacktown Council has blocked a public inquiry into the accusations of maladministration levelled at it by a former director. The motion for an inquiry raised by councillor Nick Tyrrell also called for a review of the council's internal audit committee, which the general manager Ron Moore confirmed did not adhere to Department of Local Government guidelines.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corruption is rife within the Senior Management of this Council. A number of staff appointments have been made where sex was used as an enticement. Leighton Farrell has used his position to influence people to break the law and act in unconscionable ways. It's about time his lies and deceit caught up with him. Let's see if ICAC uncovers the Council paid trip to China which he took with the Sister Cities Chinese interpreter. Shame, shame, shame. He should have to pay all the money back to the ratepayers.

6:37 pm  

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