Friday, 27 May 2011

North West. Premier's truce with PM

Although the North West Rail Link project remains a priority, it will also be "developed in parallel" with the federal government's $2.1 billion Parramatta to Epping line, according to new tender documents obtained by The Daily Telegraph. The documents reveal six new stations over a 23-kilometre route from Epping to Rouse Hill, with the intention to extend the line and eventually link it with the Western Line, near Schofields. Premier Barry O'Farrell appeared to reach a truce last month when he stopped demanding the Prime Minister shift the $2.1 billion in funds she had earmarked for the Parramatta to Epping line to his election promise to build the North West Rail Link. There is a belief both will be built, with a compromise to be reached on specific timelines. Sources said Infrastructure Australia has also asked for all route possibilities to be examined, the paper said.



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