Thursday, 19 December 2013

Farmers Markest exceed expectations

Eighty per cent of stallholders participating in the Parramatta Farmers Market say the activity is meeting or exceeding expectations but like all small business people they would like to do more business.
Over 10,000 people pass through the Church Street Mall during lunch time on Fridays when the markets are held but finding a way to stop and buy is a challenge.
“Logic suggests that converting these pedestrians into shoppers would be any easy stratagem Many pedestrians however, remain fixed on their journey and timetable. Changing the current patterns and behaviours of office workers, commuters and mall denizens may take some time,” a council report said.
Stallholders are satisfied with most aspects of the markets, which are .organised by Parramatta City Council.
Satisfied with marketing (subheading bold)
A survey found that 82 per cent are satisfied with council’s marketing of the markets and noted that that entertainment, when provided, adds atmosphere and increases sales. Suggestions include music, singers, buskers and guitarists.
Some 90 per cent of respondents to the survey would like to see more stallholders participating above the average 23.
The council report is open to this and other options.
“Complementary market activities including alternate produce, locations and days will also be investigated and appropriate consultation commenced with key stakeholders including councillors, local businesses and potential stallholders,” the report said
A positive outcome of the presence of the markets is that the behaviour of people in the mal -  a major concern of council – is notably better on market days
Stallholders pay $70 approximately per week per stall.


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