Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Architects chosen for $800 million project

The Heartland Group has chosen the architects for its $800 million project which includes three residential towers between 30-40 storeys, in the Parramatta CBD.
Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C), Turner and Associates, and Oculus are the winning designers for three sites following a design competition by the group.
AJ+C won the role of co-ordinating architect of the entire $800 million project, as well as the architect for the largerof the three sites on the corner of Church Street and the Great Western Highway.
Turner and Associates have been chosen as the architect for the second building, and Occulus, as the landscape architect for the park, on the third site, together with the extensive public domain components.
Architecture & Design online magazine said the $800 million project includes three residential towers between 30-40 storeys with retail/commercial uses on the lower levels, two 10-storey commercial buildings, approximately 3000 square metres of public open space, a 2000-square-metre public park, basement supermarket and parking for approximately 1200 cars.  
The planned pedestrian plaza will run through the centre of the three sites and will link the project's new social spaces and opportunities for cafes and outdoor dining
“This is the first cab off the rank for the planned revitalisation of the ‘Auto Alley’ end of Parramatta’s Church St,” said Michael Heenan, Principal and CEO of Allen Jack+Cottier.
“It will set a new civic benchmark and form the southern gateway to Parramatta CBD.”


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