Tuesday, 24 June 2014

UWS proposes 20,000sqm space in the CBD

The development of a 20,000-square-metre, multi-storey in the Parramatta CBD is a part of the University of Western Sydney’s regional development strategy.

The UWS Board of Trustees in giving an in-principle agreement expected the facility to be ready for teaching in 2017.

UWS vice-chancellor, Professor Barney Glover, said it would it contribute to the university’s plans to significantly increase its international student population, expand its course offerings at Parramatta, and provide more flexible learning opportunities for students. 

“With our existing Parramatta campus almost at capacity, we plan to significantly expand our presence in the CBD where we can be co-located with business and industry, and increase our connection to the social, economic and civic life of Parramatta and Greater Western Sydney,” he said.

Several development sites within the Parramatta and a final decision was expected on the exact location by June 2014, he said.

Earlier this year, UWS opened a campus, over four levels, in an office building in the Parramatta CBD for its post-graduate students. 


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