Thursday, 13 May 2010

Parramatta. Servcorp returns in July

The serviced and virtual office group, Servcorp Pty Ltd, proposes to return the Parramatta CBD, in July, with the opening of 13 offices, on level one of The Octagon building, at 110 George Street. For many years Servcorp resided nearby, at 91 Phillip Street, in premises now operated by serviced and virtual office entity, Westcorp. Other Servcorp facilities in the region are located in North Ryde and Norwest Business Park.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Servcorp market themselves as having cutting edge, state of the art technology. If you call slow internet connections charged at ridiculous prices, along with Cisco IP telephony that every decent office has these days....cutting edge, then I'll eat my hat. Not worth the money in my opinion.

8:29 pm  
Anonymous Marcus Moufarrige said...

Obviously anonymous hasn't seen the speedtest results that regularly put Servcorp in the top 10 fastest ISP's in Australia and New Zealand and at least 5 other juristictions around the world, hasn't noticed that Servcorp are part of the Cisco Development Partner program that has developed unique communications management tools including call management to help you telecommute more effectively, hasnt seen that Servcorp technology has been deployed by Ascendas in a technology park in China to manage all of their technology (google SHSTP) or hasnt booked a meeting room pretty much anywhere in the world online without even having to put in a credit card number...something no-one else can do.
Sorry if you experience wasnt what you thought but I think you are wrong in assuming our technology is vanilla.
Many of the worlds leading technology companies choose Servcorp becaue of the global network platform. Many SME's improve their chances of success because of it.
Maybe you should try again.

10:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Marcus, but if you rate speedtest results as being accurate, then you are sadly mistaken. I can register 103Mb/s down and .86Mb/s up from my home ADSL2+, which shows how accurate those test results are. When I was a customer of Servcorp, I was lucky to get 4Mb/s down and barely 3Mb/s up at the best of times.

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Ben said...

I look forward to catching up with Marcus at Cebit this week, to explain to him the differences between Gigabit and Megabit. His documentation promised me 'superfast speeds of up to 1Gb a second' in his Servcorp offices, but as above, I am lucky to get 4Mb/s.

7:23 pm  

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