Thursday, 24 May 2012

Parramatta. Shaping Sydney's future

Parramatta residents have the opportunity to help shape the future of Sydney, when the NSW Department of Infrastructure and Planning hosts an information session at Parramatta City Library on June 13. The session is one of 15 being held across Sydney during May and June, so that locals can feed into the development of the state government’s new Metropolitan Strategy, a long-term plan for the future of Sydney. “The State Government’s metropolitan strategy will play a big part in how and where our City grows, so it is vital that the community has its say on important issues such as employment, transport and housing,” Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Lorraine Wearne, said ”Council has been vocal on the level of planning and investment required to keep up with the population growth of Western Sydney over the next 20 years and encouraged locals to do the same.



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