Saturday, 29 December 2007

Around town and the region

Changes to Food Act
Changes to the Food Act to take effect in the new year will put pressure on Parramatta's cafes, restaurants and bistros - there are over 300 according to council's The Dining Guide 2008 to raise health standards. The changes aim to improve food inspection co-ordination between local councils and the NSW Food Authority.
Asbestos closes warehouse
Hailstones during a violent storm on December 9 punched about 300 holes the size of a fist in the asbestos roof of Metcash's biggest warehouse in NSW, at Blacktown, causing the facility to be closed and sealed off. Replacement of the roof is expected to be completed by May 2008. The company has leased space at Moorebank to supply 350 IGA, Foodworks and independent supermarkets. IGA, which has an outlet in ParraMall, has opened a store in Westfield Parramatta.