Monday, 7 July 2008

Liverpool. Helping the local economy

The Australia Jockey Club has been lobbying Liverpool City Council to retain the 220 new stables erected in temporary facilities inside the Warrick Farm Racecourse, once racing returns to Randwick in late August. The track currently three new permanent training complexes housing 180 horses, and the retention of some of the temporary stables would provide a fillip to the local economy.


Parramatta. The city is a hot spot

Tim Lawless, national research director, of RP Data has nominated Parramatta as a real estate hot spot worth watching. “There’s a corridor stretching from Canada Bay out to Parramatta showing strong population growth, which translates into demand for housing. When you have a market like Parramatta that has decent multiple connections into the city via ferry, train and road, it should mean a good rental market, which is what investors look for,” he said in The Sydney Morning Herald. Michael McNamara, GM, of Australian Property Monitors, said because Parramatta was such a strong, diverse local economy “people like me see it as having a good amount of residual value”.