Friday, 1 February 2008

Irish based in Parramatta during competition

Parramatta is set to go green for the Rugby League World Cup with Parramatta City Lord Mayor Paul Barber today meeting Irish Rugby League, chairman, Niall Cantrell to discuss plans for a Gaelic home base in the city. Ireland will play both its pool matches at Parramatta Stadium, the first against Tonga on Monday October 27 and then against Samoa on November 5. Cr Barber said council and the city would help the Irish team settle into their new home for the duration of the month-long competition.


$650,000 application deferred

Parramatta City Council has deferred the commencement of construction works at the Port Bar Restaurant, at the Charles Street RiverCat wharf. The DA was for demolition of existing awning and removal of steel staircase located at the rear of the building, construction of a combined solid and glass awning fronting the river and construction of platform to the rear as an extension of the roof. Estimated cost of the development $650,000.


'Scrap Tcard school system' says BCA

Darryl Mellish, executive director of the Parramatta-based Bus and Coach (BCA) Association, has urged the State Government to scrap the failed Tcard trial and revert to the paper bus pass system which has been running in parallel to the Tcard system which has proved a failure and the contract with its developer, ERG, has been cancelled.

The BCA was commenting after the government issued 30,000 Tcards, at a cost of $300,000, to new schoolchildren. “School Tcard has been a failure and no data has been produced to operators. Our preference was to scrap the school Tcard,” Mr Mellish said.

$330 million justice precinct open

The $330 million Parramatta Justice Precinct is open. The 24,718-square-metre site, with a frontage to the Parramatta River, includes the NSW Children’s Court with six criminal and care courtrooms, a Sydney West Trail Court complex with nine courts and the headquarters of the Attorney-General’s Department. The refurbished Jeffrey House operates as a community health facility. A large portion of the site will be dedicated to open space and retain the heritage of the site.


Business can benefit from UWS students

The University of Western Sydney’s Schools of Marketing and Management are seeking expressions of interest from businesses wanting to work with final-year business students, which would be completed at little of no financial to the business. The university’s insurance cover covers students undertaking projects.

Areas where UWS is looking projects include ecommerce, employment relations, hospitality management, logistics, marketing plans and research, organizational matters and sport management and many more. Email before February 15.