Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chamber supports tourism committee

Parramatta Chamber welcomes the resolution by Parramatta Lord Mayor, John Chedid, to establish an Economic Development Tourism Committee in order to work with the local entities to draw attention to Parramatta as a tourist destination.
Parramatta Chamber President, Mr Roger Byrne, said:
Parramatta is the birthplace of our nation, its heritage buildings and historical relevance is second to none in relation to our country’s rich history.
For too long this fact has been under-utilised and it needs a concerted effort by all interested parties in order to create Parramatta as a leisure and tourism destination. 
While the city boasts some of the country’s most important historical elements and in particular architecture, Parramatta has been built on the back of commerce and enterprise and as such the historical elements take a back seat to the commercial focus of the city..
By forming this committee it is hoped that its members look with a clear vision and insight toward the real possibilities.
In order to attract tourists the city needs more than just history, it needs to establish a true understanding of the tourism market, what drives it and what identifies the established prime market area that would consider Parramatta as a destination, how far will people travel to visit Parramatta and what are their expectations.
A unique selling proposition and clear and concise tourism marketing and infrastructure plan needs to be in place if this committee is able to make a difference. It is hoped that council will call on Parramatta Chamber, among others, to assist in the formation of the committee.