Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Parramatta. Renovation work for UNE

Work has commenced on the renovation of the two-storey, heritage-listed building, formerly Parramatta’s first post office and latterly used as a restaurant, at 211-213 Church Street, for use by the University of New England as an information office and café.

Parramatta. Little to improve transport

The Draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan offers little to improve transport links to Parramatta except bus improvements within the 20 years life of the plan, according to Parramatta City Council’s submission. “In particular there is a lack of action on north-south links across Parramatta and Western Sydney in general. Western Sydney is predicted to experience massive population growth over the coming decades and already experiences an estimated job deficit. It is clear that the focus remains on Sydney CBD providing employment for Western Sydney.”

Region. Airport links

A regional airport, if located at Badgerys Creek, could be connected by extensions of both the South West and North West Rail Links, connecting the North West and South West Growth Centres as well as the Western Sydney Employment Lands, according to Parramatta City Council’s submission on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan

Parramatta. Cross-city bus services

Parramatta City Council requests the state government considers cross-city bus services through Parramatta, in its submission on the Draft NSW Long Term Transport Masterplan. This would not only provide direct transport services for bus passengers to both Westmead and University of Western Sydney but to reduce the increasing pressure of more bus layover space in the Parramatta city centre.

Region. Business parks south of the M4

The Parramatta-based Regional Development Australia-Sydney (RDA-S) recommends that business and technology parks be established south of the M4 to provide white-collar and technology job in Sydney’s west and south west to counter the number providing knowledge-sector jobs in the northern and north-west suburbs. “These [parks south of the M4] are not easy to locate – but there are suitable large-scale land holdings in this region which could lead the conversion to higher density employment lands,” said the RDA-S commissioned, Employment Lands Policy Position, report. RDA-s argues that the definition of “employment lands” should be expanded from manufacturing and industrial uses to include specialised centres and business/technology parks.