Friday, 7 August 2009

North Ryde. Split over hospital project

Macquarie University will take over the full ownership and operation of its yet-to-be-completed teaching hospital on its campus at, Macquarie University Research Park, after splitting with its partner Dalcross Holdings. Three years ago an executive summary said that it would cost $70 million to build a 143-bed hospital. Current bed number – which may be increased to 243 beds – are set at 180, with final construction costs estimated at $180 million, and a full fitout costing a further $70 million. Vice-chancellor, Professor Schwartz, refused to divulge the reasons behind the split. Delcross, co-owner of the project, was to solely operate and fit out the site.


Castle Hill. Coffee and doughnut to go

The downturn has not deterred customers from spending an average of $5 for a cup of coffee and a doughnut at Donut King, or $6 for coffee and cake at Michel's Patisserie, both of which have outlets across Western Sydney. Retail Food Group, at Castle Hill, has reported a full-year net profit up 33 per cent to $23.5 million. CEO, Tony Alford, said Michel's Patisserie contributed 38 per cent to the company's earnings, Donut King 34 per cent, while Brumby's Bakeries, also in the region accounted for the remaining 29 per cent. Chairman, John Cowley said, “the group has achieved exceptional full year results, enhancing its position as an innovative franchisor able to deliver profitable and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders notwithstanding challenging economic conditions


Badgerys Creek. Call for lifting of notice

John Harding, chairman, of the Silverdale-Warragamba Action Group has called on the Federal Government to lift the “airport designation” from the Commonwealth land at and around Badgerys Creek. He said airport affectation notices and requirements still bind planning certificates constraining property developments around the site. “Anyone who wants to develop in the area needs to pay for expensive insulation and double-glazed windows because it’s under a proposed flight path,” Mr Harding said in the Penrith Press..The government formally ruled out the construction of an airport at Badgerys Creek late last year. The 1700-hectare proposed site remains vacant.