Thursday, 22 October 2009

Region. Quick-fix transport solutions

The Transport and Tourism Forum’s submission to the Rees Government's 2031 Blueprint recommends some quick-fix solutions to transport problems. These include expansion of bus transitways - beyond their current routes between Parramatta and Liverpool and Parramatta and Rouse Hill - and completion of 43 bus corridors recommended in the 2005 Unsworth Review of buses.


Parramatta. Land and airspace to fund projects

Executive director, of the Transport and Tourism Forum, Brett Gale, said land around and above railway stations, such as Parramatta and St Leonards, would be a lucrative source of funds to pay for better public transport. In a submission to the Rees Government's 2031 Blueprint, the forum estimates the Government could fund more than $10 billion worth of mass transit projects, including heavy rail extensions and a metro network, by becoming developers or landlords.


Parramatta. $49,000 tourism grant

Parramatta City Council has received a grant of $49,000 towards a marketing campaign aimed at attracting visitors to Parramatta, under the NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Tourism Partnership Funding Program. “The campaign will include the development and online distribution of a new visitor guide and target interstate and overseas tourists accessing Parramatta, from the river corridor from Sydney, as well as business travellers from Victoria and Queensland,” said local MP, Tanya Gadiel. The Parramatta campaign will run from 1 November 2009 until 31 January 2010.