Monday, 25 August 2008

Bankstown. $200m investment for airport

Bankstown Airport and its tenants plan developments worth an estimated $200 million, according to Kim Ellis, CEO, Sydney Metropolitan Airport – Bankstown. “The multiplier effect will be quite substantial to the local and wider economies,” he said. Mr Ellis said key findings of an economic study painted Bankstown as an economic lynchpin for the Western Sydney region generating economic activity of $733 million each year. The study showed the airport delivered flow-on impacts to the broader economy of $1.3 billion. "We consider the results cement Bankstown as one of Australia's significant aerospace hubs and business centres and with future developments the outlook is positive for the airport and those businesses and households who rely upon it," he said. Bankstown employs 6000 people, directly and indirectly.


Region. Senior positions advertised for trust

The NSW Government’s Western Sydney Parklands Trust has advertised for a manager, finance and business development. The position of communications and media officer will be advertised in September/October. The trust is a major initiative of the NSW Government to manage and develop a 5280-square-metre corridor that stretches for 27km, from Quakers Hill in the north to Leppington in the south. Equivalent in size to 25 Centennial Parks, its one of the biggest urban parklands in the world, and is situated in one of the fastest growing regions of Australia.


Silverwater. Invention stops ATM ram raids

Lockit Systems Australia, at Silverwater, has helped stop ram-raiding criminal gangs in their tracks with its invention, Raminator that prevents ram-raiding vehicles from dislodging ATMs. The company said about nine ram-raid attempts on protected ATMs in Sydney have all failed to date, giving it a 100 per cent success rate. Almost 800 Raminators have now been installed on ATMs in Sydney and about 1000 Australia-wide. The Raminator is being targeted at national and international markets with the assistance of the Department of State and Regional Development that helped target the invention at US markets during a joint security products trade mission organised with Austrade last year