Thursday, 14 January 2010

Parramatta. An eventful city

2010 is shaping up as possible the most eventful year in Parramatta’s 222-year history as far as community events are concerned, boosting the city’s image and tourism revenue. Parramatta City Council expects some 80,000 people to attend the Indian superstar A.R. Rahman’s outdoor “spectacular” on Saturday, as part of the Sydney Festival activities in the city, followed by the highly popular Australia Day activities, on January 26, the Sydney Symphony in Parramatta Park, in March, and the inaugural Parramasala – The Australian Festival of South Asian Arts week-long event, in November. Council says the gross revenue generated by businesses and organisations in Parramatta to service demand generated by tourists to the area is estimated at $830 million, with the city’s hospitality sector contributing $138 million. Council, in its push to promote tourism is expected, soon, to launch its Destination Parramatta website.