Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Region. Funds needed for the region

Governments needed to give more priority to areas with big populations and big job markets, such as Western Sydney, according to Cr Alison McLaren, president, of the Western Sydney Regional Organisation Councils (WSROC), when commenting on the Grattan Institute, “Investing in Regions” report, which finds governments are under-investing in ''bolting'' regions where population is growing rapidly and giving priority to much smaller regional centres. “I support the conclusion that spending money in areas that don't necessarily benefit is a waste of money which would be better spent in areas like Western Sydney.'' Cr McLaren said in The Sydney Morning Herald. Western Sydney had more than 1.5 million people living in Western Sydney, and another million forecast to do so in the next 20 years


Castle Hill. Amway into social media

Amway's global chairman, Steve Van Andel, who is in Australia to celebrate the US-based company’s 40th anniversary in Australia, has been charged with steering the multi-billion-dollar, direct selling, private company into the age of social networking and online retailing. A few decades ago Amway sales people would go door to door or hold gatherings to sell the company's products and recruit friends, colleagues and family into the direct-selling business. Although face-to-face contact is still essential to the business model, social media is now being used to complement personalised sales meetings. He said Amway was still in the process of adapting to new technology. Amway Australia is based at Castle Hill.


Rosehill. Concerts at racecourse

Parramatta City Council has approved an application for Rosehill Gardens Racecourse to increase the maximum number of patrons for up to six concerts a year from 12,000 people to 25,000 people.