Friday, 11 January 2008

City centre projects to cost $169 million

The Parramatta City Centre Plan, approved by the Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, contains eight major infrastructure projects for the city centre which are estimated to cost $169 million. "The development of these special projects is integral to the successful revitalisation and growth of the city centre," to document said.

The breakdown of the projects and costs is: public domain, $39 million; river foreshore park, $15 million; arts and cultural facility, $30 million; community facilities, $20 million; aquatic leisure centre upgrade, $25 million; historic buildings conservation, $5 million, car park planning and re-development, $5 million and access and transport, $30 million.


Industries growing faster than national average

Industries such as advanced manufacturing, information and communication and biotechnology are growing faster in Parramatta and surrounding local government areas (LGAs) than the national average, according to the Department of Planning in its West Central Draft Subregional Strategy.

Parramatta and Auburn, Bankstown, Fairfield and Holroyd LGAs comprise the West Central subregion, which is the central hub of manufacturing and industrial activity in the Greater Metropolitan Area, the largest manufacturing region in Australia.


Growth areas will expand Parramatta's role

The development of the North-West and South-West Growth Centres will expand the role of Parramatta as the economic hub and gateway to Western Sydney and increase the demand for higher skilled employment in the city, according to the Department of Planning in its West Central Draft Subregional Strategy.

The document combines local government areas (LGAs) with similar issues and challenges when it comes to planning for growth and managing change. The West Central LGAs are Auburn, Bankstown, Fairfield, Holroyd and Parramatta.