Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Parramatta. Proposed laws face opposition

Proposed laws allowing councils the right to purchase private land and transfer it to developers for a profitable resale goes to the NSW parliament this week, and neither the coalition nor the NSW Greens will be supporting it, according to The Australian Financial Review. The High Court of Australia had stopped the sale of properties in Darcy Street to the council to bulk up the proposed $1.4 billion Civic Place redevelopment.


Parramatta. A 12-storey building on riverbank

Council has approved alterations and additions to an approved 10-storey mixed-use development, currently under construction on the northern bank of the Parramatta River, at 1 Sorrell, including the provision of two additional storeys and provision for seven additional residential units, bringing the total to 37, and strata subdivision. Thirty-four objectors attended an on-site meeting prior to approval.


Hawkesbury. Historic site to be sold

Hawkesbury City Council has resolved to sell the 10.9-hectare Hawkesbury Heritage Farm, formerly the Australian Pioneer Village, at Wilberforce, over objections from the community. Council believed the Friends of the Village, which had submitted a plan asking for a peppercorn lease and details of running at a profit, could not operate it successfully. The property and buildings, excluding artifacts, will be sold at auction.