Saturday, 14 November 2009

Parramatta. Unemployment in the city

The unemployment rate in Parramatta City-South (e.g. Granville/Guildford) is 10.8 per cent, more than three times that in the city’s north-west (e.g. Winston Hills) 3.0 per cent, and north-east (e.g. Epping) 3.3 per cent, and double that in the inner area of the city (e.g. Westmead, CBD, Harris Park) 5.0 per cent. In absolute terms the south has the highest number of unemployed, with 1515 people, 1242 in the inner, 792 in the north-east and 620 in the north-west areas, in the March 2009 quarter, according to the Federal Government’s Small Area Labour Markets report.