Friday, 22 February 2008

BizFacts has problems

Parramatta City Council publishes the 8-page BizFacts which aims to present a snapshot of Parramatta’s economy every six months as a “useful tool” for business, business agencies, key partners, investors, students and the media. However, it has two problems: awareness and distribution. A council survey of businesses in the CBD showed that while approximately 60 per cent of proprietors noted the important role of council in the provision of business-related material and information, only 13 per cent were aware of the publication. The good news is that 87.5 per cent had read the document and found it useful. Council has since boosted the print run.


Light rail network

Council says the Carlingford rail line and the Transitway bus network could form the basis of Western Sydney light rail networks centred on Parramatta, and vacant land at the former Sydney Water site, at Camellia, could be used for a tram dept. The Transitway network was originally designed for later conversion to trams but this was dropped as a cost saving measure. Council said the poor patronage of the Carlingford line and the light rail systems in the Sydney CBD was due to the lack of integration with other public transport