Thursday, 10 February 2011

Parramatta. Workshop on boosting sector

Participants at a workshop, in Parramatta, on February 16 will be tasked with uncovering the key challenges facing the further growth of the Parramatta CBD as a major centre both regionally and internationally, for the finance and professional services sector. RDA Sydney said a greater representation of these industries is needed in areas such as the booming Western Sydney, as well as the further development of the finance and business services hubs located in Parramatta, Norwest, Penrith and Liverpool.


Parramatta. Funding for upgrading skills

The Parramatta-based APICS NSW, a society for supply chain professionals, has secured NSW government funding for its Women in Manufacturing Cluster to support career enhancement opportunities for women working in manufacturing. The cluster aims to provide career success skills for women, develop a strong support network of professional women, increase exposure to female role models and inspirational leaders, foster greater awareness of the business benefits of gender diversity and encourage and educate managers to support and mentor women in the workplace. The program for 2011 will consist of four workshop-style learning and interactive opportunities.