Saturday, 16 April 2011

Parramatta. Review of disaster plan

Parramatta City Council is working in partnership with key stakeholders to review and update its Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan. Council will work with a wide range of stakeholders including the police, fire brigade, ambulance service, SES and local hospitals to ensure that they understand their role when it comes to assisting people during and after a crisis. Some of the key areas that will be reviewed include the appropriate evacuation procedures and assembly centres, the emergency operations centre, the responsibilities of key agencies and the means of communication with affected community members. As part of the plan, building owners and tenants will be informed about their responsibilities in both evacuation and general building emergency management.


Penrith. Funds for business alliance

Penrith City Council has applied to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) for a special rate variation (SRV) to fund the priorities, such as, the Penrith Business Alliance (PBA) allowing it to continue to attract investment and employment and create local jobs for local people. Should the SRV be unsuccessful, the future funding and viability of the alliance would be in doubt resulting in a potential reduction of economic development growth and employment opportunities for the city and its residents. Council has set PBA a target of 40,000 jobs by 2036, 30 per cent greater than in the DOP’s Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036.


Macquarie Park. New contracts worth $200m

Engineering firm, AJ Lucas, at Macquarie Park, has won new work totalling $200 million across its drilling services and building construction and infrastructure divisions. The drilling services division has been awarded new contracts totalling $160 million. The building construction and infrastructure division has been awarded multiple contracts worth $40 million for new works in the water, pipelines and infrastructure sectors.