Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Parramatta. Hotel to be renamed

The Clarion on the Park Hotel, in Anderson Street, in the Parramatta CBD, is to be renamed the Holiday Inn Parramatta and will accept bookings from October 18.


Region. What the Tele said

“Western Sydney is our state capital’s demographic centre and also the future of Sydney. Every year, the number of major businesses to establish themselves in Western Sydney increases. At the same time, Western Sydney’s residential component also continues to grow. By sheer weight of numbers, besides any other factors, Western Sydney is where NSW’s economic and social momentum is strongest … get with the western program, Mr Premier,” The Daily Telegraph said in an editorial.

Blacktown. DA for new hospital

The department of Planning & Infrastructure has on public exhibition a DA for Blacktown Hospital, which includes a new eight-level clinical services building of approximately 32,000 square metres, alterations to the existing main hospital buildings and a landscaping plan for the whole Blacktown Hospital campus.