Monday, 16 January 2012

Harris Park. Shuttle bus marketing plan

Parramatta City Council will create a marketing plan for the Harris Park Hop, a free shuttle bus service between the Parramatta CBD and the Harris Park business centre, in conjunction with the Harris Park business community. Council will allocate $30,000 to allow the continuation of the service for three months Council will also approach the state government to increase the off-peak public transport between the CBD and Harris Park.


Sydney Olympic Park. Eight storey project

The Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Capital Corporation have agreed to construct an eight storey mixed commercial and retail development, on the corner of Australia and Herb Elliott Avenues. The proposed the new development, currently on public exhibition until January 31, will offer office space, two levels of basement parking, retail shops and the first supermarket to service the park. The development is to be constructed in stages providing for 42,000 square metres of gross floor area in total.


Parramatta. Major drivers of grwoth

The Parramatta local government area is home to 15,500 businesses (2006), 45 per cent, or 7000, of which are based in the CBD, with 93 per of the CBD total classified as “small”. The 0.5 per cent, or 33, of large businesses are mostly known brand names, most of which are back offices, call centres and processing units. These organisations and numerous government departments have been the major drivers of employment growth in Parramatta over the past 10 years, according to Parramatta City Council’s Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016.


Newington. USA expansion

Ainsworth Games Technology, with its headquarters and poker-machine design facility based at Newington, has expanded its operations in the USA after posting a 24 per cent growth; almost half its international revenue is raised in the USA The company opened a 4650-square-metre site in Las Vegas, late last year, replacing a smaller facility in Florida.


Parramatta. Support for the arts

Parramatta Lord Mayor, Lorraine Wearne, has welcomed the state government’s support of local arts and cultural projects, through its 2012 Arts Funding Program. The Riverside Theatres will receive $60,000, which will go towards True West Theatre productions, to help enhance creativity, deliver high-quality shows and reach new audiences. Riverside Theatres will also receive $5,000 towards its education program that encourages a life-long appreciation of theatre through travel and ticket subsidies for school excursions and a range of workshops and productions The Parramatta Artists' Studios has been granted $80,000 to provide non-residential and residential studio, and exhibition space, to emerging and established artists, craft practitioners and creative industry professionals.


North Ryde. Handling chaos

Professor Richard Badham, at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management, says people who can adapt quickly, at the executive level, will be at a premium as turbulent business conditions continue. ”The leader of the future is one who is able to handle chaos and uncertainty. Coping with adversity is another very important skill,” he said in The Australian Financial Review.

Parramatta. Light rail proposal

Parramatta City Council has developed a concept for a Western Sydney light rail/metro network and has applied to the federal government’s Liveable Cities Program for funding to undertake a two-part feasibility study. “When you consider that within the next 20 years, the majority of Sydney’s population will be in the west, we need solutions that recognise the growth of labour markets outside of the city CBD. A light rail or metro system is a viable option for Western Sydney. It is more reliable than buses, cheaper and quicker to implement than heavy rail and can facilitate faster, more regular services,” Parramatta Lord Mayor Lorraine Wearne, said


Parramatta. Portals on bridge

Parramatta City Council has on public exhibition until February 14, an application for alterations to the heritage listed Lennox Bridge, in Church Street, in the CBD, including the creation of two portals on either side of the river to facilitate pedestrian and bicycle access. Currently, users have to traverse Church Street, to get from one side to the other. Approval is also sought for associated landscape and footpath works.