Friday, 5 October 2012

Parramatta. Good news and not so good

Lord Mayor of Parramatta, John Chedid, commended Infrastructure NSW for recognising the importance of Parramatta to Sydney’s growth and committing to council’s regional ring road proposal, outlined in the State Infrastructure Strategy. Regarding the Western Sydney Light Rail proposal, which the strategy did not favour, he said: “Council remains committed to exploring our light rail proposal. The feasibility study we have commissioned is underway with the final report due in March 2013”.

North Ryde. Hotel to be demolished

The Stamford Grand North Ryde hotel will be demolished and replaced with seven apartment rowers of four to 20 storeys, in a mixed-use project known as Macquarie Park Village, which is expected to cost between $350 million to $400 million. The project will yield 576 apartments.

North Ryde. Changing focus

The NSW government’s Planning Assessment Commission said Macquarie Park was experiencing a rapid transition from a light industrial and business park area to a high technology specialised urban centre, supported by the Epping to Chatswood rail line.